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TCP Magic
For 8 years TRMNL Racing has been the exclusive distributor TCP Magic parts in the USA. Most popular customer vehicles around the world have been curated by TRMNL Racing / TCP MAGIC USA based on our in house demo cars -  featured at SEMA, PRI, AAPEX, Option Japan, Super Street, Motor Trend, Top Gear, Fast Car UK, Forza Motorsport Video Game Franchise, and many more. We have dedicated 8 years of protecting Kawato's brands legacy and the premium association of the brand by thwarting attempts of producing replica products around the world as well as providing international English customer service for global customers under TCP Magic USA / TRMNL Racing.

Outside of brand services, I have also spent time as a member of Team Magic international racing team. Serving TCP Magic motorsport
 efforts around the globe as well as marketing efforts providing media content to Global Dealers/RedBull NZ - USA/Toyo Tires USA - JP as well as the initial proposal for the Mazda 3 Pikes Peak program. TRMNL Racing / Magic USA provided international logistics, hospitality, media, and marketing associated with the program. As we (TRMNL RACING) move forward growing our own brand legacy, racing program, and new global partnerships; TRMNL Racing is currently revising our global website, catalog including this product line, and marketing efforts in 2024.
Thank you for the continued support. - Jonny Grunwald